About Us

Namhah is a celebration of luxury and culture. It was born from the concept that true luxury is a way of life. Namhah promotes the legacy of the Indian culture by bringing its most elegant products to you. Perhaps, only a few things in this world are as elegant as tea. Each cup has its own character – from the unyielding flavour of Black tea, to the delicate and smooth aftertaste of the White; every sip can enchant your senses. We, at Namhah, believe that the true taste of tea can only be appreciated in its most natural form.
Namhah brings to you the rarest and the finest teas from some of the most elite gardens in India. Each tea is selected in person for its unique personality. These teas are produced in very small quantities, and are most often handpicked. The utmost care dedicated to the production and packaging results in impeccable perfection and exclusivity.
So, what is the perfect cup of tea? Is there a special chord of taste, aroma and colour that makes a tea perfect? As we continue our journey to discover this perfection, we invite you to share this alluring experience with us.
Ankit Baid Assam

Ankit Baid

Namhah Co-Founder and CEO Ankit Baid, comes from a family that’s in the tea industry for more than 70 Years.
Born in Kolkata he did his schooling from Holy Cross School,Silchar and Delhi Public School Guwahati. He Did his Engineering from SRM University Chennai and Worked as an SAP PI Developer in TCS for 2 years. It was his dream to start his own company and use his intellect and Intelligence in the Field of Information Technology in the Tea Industry which was his family business. He returned home in the year 2015 to work on this project to make changes in the tea Industry

His Creative Edge and enthusiasm about the Brand is Amazing and his determination and effort to learn more about every minute detail is Mind Boggling.

Aditya Agarwal

Namhah’s Visionary and Investor Aditya Agarwal, comes from a family that’s Worked in the tea industry for more than a century.
Born in Assam he did his schooling some Good Shepherd Public School Ooty. As he was growing up he was always surrounded by the mother nature and it’s beautiful tea gardens.
He returned home in the year 1999 to work in his tea Garden and left no stones unturned to contribute to the tea industry with his hard work and dedication. Soon he began to feel that when mother nature and technology would be combined together then every cup of tea he sold would be the freshest cup of tea, with this concept he recently produced Solar dried white tea which made a record in the Gauhati tea auction centre.
He wants more and more people to discover and enjoy good quality tea. As we all know the world has become a global village and his dreams is to make “NAMHAH” India’s first global tea brand.

Ramesh Mundhra

Namhah’s Tea Taster and Investor who is one of the Biggest Buyers of Guwahati Tea Auction Center is known Throughout the Tea Industry. His Expertise in Tea Tasting Helps us to Get the Teas Directly to the Consumers.