Our Story

The Idea came when Ankit’s Friend Abhishek Chowdhury was drinking a cup of tea at a roadside cafe in France. Being a tea enthusiast, Abhishek used to drink high quality Indian teas. To find premium teas, he often visited luxury tea stores in both Europe and India. He indeed managed to find high quality loose leaf teas but they were so expensive that the masses could not really afford to buy them.

Many of these expensive teas came from Indian tea gardens. Abhishek started ideating on how he could resolve the challenge of providing premium teas at affordable prices using the geographical advantage. He called his school friend, Ankit, whose family has been in the tea business for more than six decades, brought in the expertise. His insights on the actual industry conditions helped shape the foundation of Namhah. Abhishek studied the European markets as well as the hospitality sector, having surveyed many in this industry before.

The co-founders came up with a model that could ensure that consumers, globally, would be able to have access to high quality tea at an affordable price. This resulted in the formation of Namhah, a vertically integrated tea brand set up in the heart of the tea growing region of India, Assam. Namhah strive to revolutionise a 150-year-old industry with the use of modern technology – Internet of Things, Machine learning, specialised packaging and subscription services. Namhah is a deeply rooted Indian brand with a global outlook.