Sell With Us

Set up your store on Showcase and sell your teas online & offline across India and the world by using our exemplary customer service and efficient cost effective logistics. Our professional service helps to develop the brand of your tea estate(s).

What We do

We help tea gardens showcase their products directly to the consumers by using online and offline distribution channels. We are a full service provider and we take care of the warehousing, packaging, branding and logistics for the premium tea gardens of India.


We handle the packaging of the tea gardens both for loose leaf teas and for tea bags to service customers according to their specific needs.


We take teas from you in bulk and then store, package and dispatch using our fulfilment algorithms. In this way, you can be assured of using different trade channels to the fullest.


We use a mix of social media and storytelling to build a brand around your tea estate(s) and give a unique identity to your teas; helping you connect to your consumers.

Customer Support

We have a very good customer service which takes care of the customer feedback and tries to solve problems if any. We are constantly learning through our customer buying patterns to understand what a customers requirement is. We make sure the tea is fresh when consumers open the package. All the customer grievances is addressed by our support staff.