Premium Green Tea

Get the Premium Organic Green Tea from the Foothills of Arunachal Pradesh and Darjeeling.
The Leaf is Tender and has adoesnot have a bitter taste. The Color of the Cup is Lemon Yellow which is perfect for any green Tea

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Green Tea Blended with Mint Leaves
Infusion of White Tea

Premium WhiteTea

We at Namhah Provide you with the best White Teas Available in the Market at Affordable Prices.
We have Amazing Plans Available which will help you to get our White tea even as Subscription.

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Premium Black Tea

Get the Premium Loose Leaf Black Teas from Darjeeling
We also Provide the Traditional Premium Quality CTC Tea for all our customers at affordable prices

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Black Gold Tea
Infusion Rose Oolong Tea

Speciality Tea Collection

Namhah Offers a Whole Range of Speciality Teas from Darjeeling, Arunachal and Assam
Our Speciality Tea Includes White Tea Silver Needle, Golden Needles, Wine Tea and other Natural Blends

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