5 Reasons to Switch from Coffee to Tea

Coffee to Tea

Why switch from coffee to tea?

Five reasons for making the switch: variety,caffeine, health benefits,acidity and cost,

1. Variety: Tea is more diverse than coffee, in terms of flavor, aroma, appearance, and other qualities. Black coffee, while it varies somewhat in strength, is always rather strong and bitter, and always has a powerful roasted aroma. The range of bitterness, sweetness and other flavor qualities vary more between different teas.

Tea have such broad categories as green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea which provide a greater overall diversity of teas. The aromas of tea vary widely. Pure (unflavored) teas differ from each other and there are teas whose aromas resemble fruit, flowers, and various spices and herbs.

2. Caffeine: The main reason for switching from coffee to tea is the caffeine content: coffee is much higher in caffeine than tea. High doses of caffeine causes a number of adverse effects, including anxiety, insomnia, and other chronic problems that influence both physical and psychological health.

Caffeine may cause physical dependency and withdrawal when stopped. One can easily drink 2-3 times as many cups of tea as coffee while maintaining a similar caffeine intake. Withdrawal symptoms are much milder for tea drinkers relative to people who consume similar volumes of coffee.
3. Health benefits of tea: Tea also contains additional benefits over coffee in addition to its lower caffeine content. Tea contains L-theanine, a chemical which interacts with caffeine, allowing a smaller dose of caffeine to promote greater alertness. L-theanine also promotes relaxation. And although there is some evidence that both coffee and tea carry some health benefits, there has been more general evidence supporting the health benefits of tea.

4. Acidity and effects on the digestive tract: Tea is also considerably less acidic than coffee. The acidity of tea varies widely from one tea to the other and depends on how the tea is brewed. The greater acidity of coffee may cause an upset stomach, especially when people drink strong coffee in an empty stomach. People may find that tea offers a milder alternative.
5. Cost: The price of both tea and coffee are widely variable. However, as a general trend, tea tends to be much less expensive per cup than coffee.

Why Tea is better than Coffee?
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Why Tea is better than Coffee?
Tea is better than Coffee. We have listed 5 reasons why you should switch from Coffee to Tea Immediately. Read the Article for more information
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