Why Green Tea Tastes Bitter? Are you brewing it Wrong?

Many of us have experienced a bitterness when we brew the green tea or any other tea and have come to a conclusion that bitterness is the actual taste of the tea. But its completely wrong.

Tea contains Tannin which contribute to the bitter taste but tannin is also an important part of the taste component and gives tea its flavor.

So how can we retain flavor as well as remove the bitterness?

Several Factors are involved which results in the bitterness of the Tea. They are:

  1. Storage:

    Excessive exposure to light and moisture degrades tea quality.

    Solution: Store your teas in appropriate tea tins or canisters.

  2. Quality:

    Quality of Tea is very Important. In the Market we come across tea bags which contains inferior quality teas compared to whole leaf teas. Tea bags contains Dust grade teas which are not of good quality.

    Solution: Always go for Loose Leaf Teas as those are the best teas.

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  3. Temperature of Water:

    The Most Common Mistake while Brewing the Green Tea is we put Boiling Hot Water on to the Tender Green Leaves which makes the leaves release Tannins very early.

    Solution:Always While Brewing the Green Tea use the water which is at Temperature of 85°C. Check out Our Tea Brewing Guide.

  4. Brewing Technique:

    Many Consumers dont Know how much tea to brew for a cup and sometimes they put lot of Leaves for a cup of tea also the time for which it is brewed is Important because larger the time for brewing more tannins are released which results in bitterness.

    Solution:Always Brew Green tea for 3 Minutes and take 2 grams of Tea. This is Suggested for western Style Brewing. For Gong Fu Brewing check our our Brewing Guide

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