Processing of Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a traditional tea which is produced through a process which includes withering under sun and oxidation before curling. The partial oxidation is responsible for Oolong Tea’s  color and characteristic taste. It is preferred by many people as it provides benefits of both green tea and black tea.

Now let us have a detailed look about the processing of Oolong Tea

There are mainly 7 steps that goes on to the processing of Oolong tea

Processing of Oolong Tea

Step 1:  Harvesting  When tea buds of Oolong tea grows to half the size of fully grown leaf, at that time tea leaves of Oolong tea are plucked or harvested.

Step 2: Withering Freshly picked leaves are dried under sun to remove moisture, as the moisture level determines the time taken for tea polyphenols to oxidise.

Step 3: Bruising It is a continuation of the withering process . This process further removes moisture and grassiness. Tea makers shake the tea leaves in a basket and put pressure on it through hand. The tea leaves are then spread out.

Step 4: Fixation The tea leaves are then heated to stop the oxidation process and to kill the enzymes.

Step 5: Rolling  The tea leaves are then rolled by handpressing to the desired shape.

Step 6: Baking Oolong tea is then heated slowly at low temperature for an extended period of time. This extended heating process is the reason for lasting after many infusions as compared to green tea.

Step 7: Sorting and Packaging  Sub standard tea leaves are removed and good ones are packed.


Now you know the process behind your favourite cup of tea.




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