Iced Tea

Iced tea much more than a typical drink was first introduced at the World Fair by accident by Richard Blechynden in 1904. It so happened that Richard was serving hot tea to the people there but they were not having it . So he started serving them cold tea, people started gathering around and having it. Instantly it achieved a great popularity among the locales of St. Louis.

Iced tea recipes started during 1879. In the South, iced tea known as the Southern Wine because it is served often and considered a great moment of pride. Though there are various ways to make iced tea, but the simplest one is the mixing of commercially available powdered tea into water. But those who love tea, would never dream of making the brew this way.

Usually iced tea is made the same way as hot tea.


  • Brew 4 cups of water to simmer
  • Then remove from heat and add half tablespoon loose tea. Let it steep for one minute.
  • After that cool down
  • Pour the mixture through the strainer
  • Add sugar or other sweeteners
  • Then refrigerate for a minimum of 15 hours
  • Serve it in chilled form.

The tea gets diluted and after that cooling takes place. All over India especially in the South, the locales prefer pre sweetened drinks, sweetened teas. Sweet tea is made hot, but then sugar is added to the hot mixture. When the tea is diluted and cooled down, the sweet flavor retains, and often garnishing with lemon, mint makes sweet tea a refreshing drink.

Sweet iced teas are prepared in diverse ways. In specific families, Iced tea are treasured as a secret family recipe. and so they are kept as secret in some restaurants . These restaurants have specific clients and so these clients are only attracted towards this sweet iced teas.

Even some restaurants has this secret recipe of this sweet iced tea bring customers back time and time again thanks to their special sweet tea. In most cases, however, even if unsweetened tea is the only available choice, it is sweetened by the individual using sugar or artificial sweeteners. It is a good recipe to serve the guests late afternoon on a hot summer.

The health benefits of iced tea includes:

  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Fights against Stress
  • Fights against cancer
  • Rich source of Magnesium
  • Cleanses the teeth.

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