Immunity Booster Teas

For the Last few months during the Corona Outbreak we had received lot of queries regarding Immunity booster teas. We have also seen many Immunity Booster Teas in the market.

Generally Speaking Tea itself has lost of immunity boosting properties. You can refer this article which states that tea itself contains substance that fights infections and protect against diseases.

But does it help against COVID-19?

I would say if researches say that Immunity power of an individual helps to fight COVID-19 virus effectively then Tea may help.

Apart from tea there are many elements which boosts immunity like turmeric, moringa, tulsi, ashwagandha, etc. These herbs contain medicinal properties which improves immunity.

We at Namhah bring you a wide range of teas which contain these herbs like:

1)Herbal Tulsi Tea

2)Turmeric Tea

3)Moringa Tea 

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