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Herbal teas that reduces bloating

Traditionally herbal teas used for reducing bloating. As per recent study, it has been found out that bloating affects 30-40% people. 1.Ginger Tea- Made from the thick roots , the Zingiber officinale plant, ginger tea was used for stomach-related diseases. Useful in reducing bloating, gas, bowel movements, proper digestion because of the compound known as […]

Tea’s Beneficial During Winters

Winter is the time for mouth watering spicy foods, relaxation, hot drinks and gossips around fire. While some eagerly wait for cooler weather conditions and longer holidays thereafter, others dislike the terrible temperatures and diseases that follow immediately.Researches reveals that the DNA changes with the changing weather conditions.  During the winter months, the bodies pump […]

Herbal teas have some extra benefits!!

If we go back to Ancient Egypt and Ancient China, we find that herbal tea has been used since hundreds of years due to the immense health benefits it provides apart from the great taste which are enjoyed till today. When combined with different herbs, spices, herbal tea helps in the healing processes of many […]