Namhah at Startup 2016 India’s Biggest Startup Summit!

Namhah Brand Tea
IIT Bombay Powai September 2016

Namhah was one of the Startups in the Biggest showcase of startups in India. It was organised by Ah Ventures!. Abhijeet and Harshal are the two Co-Founders of Ah! Ventures.

We were not only pitching our idea infront of investors but we were also the beverage partners of the event. We had our teas tasted by atleast 1000 attendees and we got great reviews from each and every one of them.We were the only startups from the Northeastern Region of this country.But we made sure we showcased our land of tea very well

In the Event, we were given a stall were we could showcase our products. the Stalls and the support staff of the management was very good and they were able to provide us stuffs needed for providing Tea to the Attendees

After the pitch our stalls were flooded with people we got great response from the investors and the other people attending the event. We were very happy to answer all their questions and queries. Namhah became known to a lot of people in Mumbai and the next week we were attending meeting with many known Investor groups and Partners

This Event made our Brand known to the financial capital of this country which was seen by the the orders we had received on Amazon and on our site

You can also check out the event website here.
Some of the pictures of the event are below:

Namhah Tea
Namhah Serving Tea
Mumbai Event Namhah
Sponsoring Event Star up
Namhah at Startup 2016 India's Biggest Startup Summit!
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Namhah at Startup 2016 India's Biggest Startup Summit!
Namhah was the Beverage Partner for the Ah Ventures Event held on 17th September 2016 at IIT Bombay. Namhah Witnessed a lot of Footfall in the stall and became a known brand of Tea
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