Namhah Rose Iced Tea

Infusion Rose Oolong Tea


    1. Namhah Rose Oolong Tea
    2. Sugar/Honey


  1. Boil the Water
  2. Take 3gms per Cup of Tea Required i.e if you require to make 10 cups then Take 30gms of Namhah Rose Oolong Tea
  3. When the Water is Boiled Turn off the Flames and put the Tea leaves inside the container which contains that Boiled water
  4. Put a Lid over the container and let the Tea Steep for 2-3 mins
  5. Add Sugar or Honey for Sweetness
  6. Strain the Tea Leaves and put the hot Tea in a Bottle after it is cooled for sometime
  7. Put the Bottle in the Refregerator to cool for 3-4 hrs

The Iced Rose Tea is Ready

Serve with fresh sandwiches It can be served as a refreshment drink for guests and take your cola off the table and make your diet healthy.

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Namhah Rose Iced Tea
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