Effect of Altitude on Tea Quality

Altitude teas have a prestige of being better in quality. Tea lovers have always cherished leaves cultivated at high altitude.

In this blog we will take a look into the reasons why teas at high altitude are prized.

Effect of Altitude on Tea Quality-

Temperature at high altitudes tends to be low which keeps the young succulent shoots from hardening.

The growth is  slow as compared to teas of  lower altitude , But this slow growth is the main reason for its improved quality.

In such conditions plant must send more carbohydrate to the leaves to power growth.

The greater concentration of carbohydrates in the leaf adds natural sweetness as well as  creamy texture to it.

Low temperature naturally limits the number of insects as a result of which use of pesticides is also limited and bitterness in the leaf is reduced.

The rocky soil and drainage reduce amount of water in the leaves. Since plants store carbohydrates and nutrients in the roots during abundance, excessive water can deteriorate the flavor of tea leaf.

The extra concentration of flavor will reduce the usage of  tea leaves to make a strong and a good cup of tea.

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