The Flowering tea- Blooming Tea

     Blooming Tea

Blooming tea is a bunch of hand-picked tea leaves and flower petals sewn together with delicate string. Flowers commonly used in the design are jasmine, hibiscus, lily, chrysanthemum . Teas used are white , green and black.

The flower petals are important part of the tea as they add scent and flavor  but that’s not why it is called blooming or flowering tea , it is called so because of its brewing.

There are basically three steps in this fascinating process of blooming tea.

STEP ONE in the process of preparing a flowering tea is selecting one. The best method for selection is to smell the tea balls when they are still dry.

STEP TWO  is actually steeping. An essential tool in this step is a glass tea pot for the experience is highly visual. Best way is to add the warm water first and then add the tea balls.

STEP THREE is enjoying the show. The tea ball will start to open shortly after being put in the water. In a couple of minutes flowers will start blooming.                 


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