What is Yellow Tea- Its Benefits


Yellow tea is a rare and expensive variety of tea. The process for making yellow tea is similar to that of green but with an added step of encasing and steaming the tea. This allows the tea to oxidize at a slower rate, producing a far more mellow taste than is found in most green teas. This gives the leaves a slightly yellow colouring during the drying process.

Yellow tea is grown in the yellow mountains of China which gives its name.

Yellow tea is similar to green tea but it has a lot more nutrients.

One of the primary aims of making yellow tea is to remove the characteristic grassy smell of green tea while preserving the associated health qualities of green tea.

Yellow tea is smooth and aromatic with a sweet floral taste.


How to make Yellow Tea

  • Add 1tps of yellow tea in your tea pot.
  • Add hot water which is at a temperature of 80 degrees.
  • It will take around 3-4 minutes to infuse.
  • And your nutrient filled yellow tea is ready.

Make sure to choose quality yellow tea’s from a good brand as sometimes poor quality green tea is sometimes sold as yellow tea.


      Health Benefits of Yellow Tea

  • Promotes Weight Loss- Many studies conclude that yellow tea extract can have metabolism quickening and fat burning abilities.
  • Promotes Liver health- This miraculous beverage can help in the treatment of hepatitis and other liver-related disorders.
  • Prevents diabetes- Traditionally, green and yellow teas helped people control blood sugar levels in the body. Studies suggest that yellow tea may potentially prevent type-1 diabetes.
  • Has Anti-Aging Properties- The presence of high levels of nutrients and antioxidants enables yellow tea to fight against all signs of aging, including wrinkles and blemishes, providing you with flawless and attractive skin.
  • Improves Mental agility- Yellow tea has nutrients that improves mental agility even for kids.



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