Blue Tea

Blue tea made from the butterfly pea flowers have that rich, sweet, floral aroma which is used for making herbal tea drinks. Made from the infusion of the leaves of dried lemongrass and Clitoria ternatea plant, the Blue Tea also known as Butterfly pea flower tea have those bright blue petals which spreads out its blue colour when soaked in boiling water .Useful for making dyes, the blue colour  immensely popular for making herbal tea drinks. The taste of the tea seems to be of a soil like similar to the green tea. The Blue colour emerging from the blue petals also used for making Nasi Kerabu ,a type of Malay rice dish which is eaten with dried fish, fried chicken or pickles.

  How to make the Blue tea at home:

1 Place 2 grams or 1-2 teaspoons of your Blue tea in a mug,
2 Rinse and pour 250 ml of boiling water onto the Blue tea .
3 Let the tea soak in for 3-8 minutes depending on your desired intensity and flavor
4 Then either enjoy it hot or you can add honey, lemon juice or ice cubes as per your preferences.

Health Benefits:

1 Detoxifies body

2 Reduces stress as well and anxiety



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