Orange Pekoe Tea

Orange Pekoe

The term “Orange Pekoe” often misunderstood as the unflavoured black tea. But in the real sense, it does not refer to any unflavoured black tea. Orange Pekoe also cannot be termed to have any particular color or flavor.
Orange Pekoe basically refers to the medium graded black tea with leaves of a peculiar size. When used in a tea description, Orange Pekoe refers to the leaf size and indicates a whole, untorned leaf. At the first plucking, only the top two leaves and bud are picked. This top most “bud” remains in the unopened position for which it is termed as ‘the unopened leaf’.


1.COMBATS AGAINST DISEASES: Orange pekoe tea may help in combating the prevention of cancer. Polyphenols found in tea have that particular compound called TF-2 which slows down the growth of cancerous cells. Antioxidants curb damage to cellular DNA so that variations are seen and new cells get healthy formed.

2.HIGH ANTIOXIDANTS PROPORTIONS: Black tea with orange pekoe variety has high antioxidants proportions which prevents degradation from slippery profounded molecules and keep the body healthy at the cellular level.



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