Keemum Tea

Keemun tea, a Chinese black tea well known for its peculiar floral fragrance resembling orchids and honey. It is basically grown in the Anhuli region of China. The Chinese tea consists of tempting tiny thin black shoots of leaves and buds which are formatted into a peculiar tight twists. Processed into black tea, this drink consists of a fruity, red wine taste perfect cup for the morning breakfast. Grown in the mountainous region of Anhui, the tea grows only in those areas which have a low temperature, high humid, occasional fog as well as surrounded by forests.

Now lets take a look into the processing of Keemum Tea:

• First of all is the harvesting-In the harvesting part, tiny shoots consisting of two leaves as well as a bud are plucked during the spring and summer .

• Then the process of Withering comes into. In this process the leaves are left to wither. They are dried and in this process they lose excess moisture and become resistable to breakage.

• Thirdly, comes the rolling. In this process the leaves get rolled into the twisting shapes. As the leaves keep rolling the hidden flavor of the tea comes forward.

• Fourthly, in the Oxidation stage, the tea is left to oxidize and after complete oxidization, the leaves turn black.

• Now the last stage comprises of firing.In this stage , the leaves are put into fire, removing the last drop of moisture to make them crispy.

After the process gets completed , the tea gets packaged and then sent to shops.

History says that this was the first Chinese black tea to get exported.

Keemun Tea are of different types. They include Keemum Mao Feng, Keemum Hao Ya, Keemum Gongfu and Keemum Xing Ya. These different types of teas have variant flavors depending on the types of processing the tea leaves undergoes.

Health Benefits:

Useful For Cancer Prevention

Promotes a healthy heart

Aids in weight loss



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