CTC Tea and Leaf Tea Differences

Although Tea has been the popular beverage relished by the people worldwide, there are subtle differences between the tastes of different types of teas .Mainly classified as CTC Tea and Leaf Tea, let us take a look at the minute differences between these two types of teas.

1. CTC Tea, better known as Crush, Tear and Curl tea gets passed through a series of machines, where they get crushed, torned and bent to transform into a hard pellet.

Leaf tea are those that are made from the buds and unfolded leaves from the freshest growth on the tea plant. Plucked and dried intensely by pan firing as well as steaming.

2. CTC Tea include different varieties like Fanning, Dust, Good Assam,Halmari

 Leaf Teas are also classified into various categories like white tea silver needles, white tea peony, green teas like Assam Green Tea, Special Green Tea, Organic Oolong Tea, Blue tea, Darjeeling Red Thunder, Rooibos Tea, Golden Tippy Tea, Earl Grey,Yellow tea, Mint Green Tea.

3.Most CTC Teas are bought from Arunachal and Assam Border.

Whereas the, Leaf teas produced in Assam,Darjeeling, Africa ,China .


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