Tea Bags Vs. Loose Leaf Tea. Which one tastes better?

Looseleaf tea refers to those tea leaves which are not included in teabags(as called in the modern age). Usually termed as specialty tea, these Loose leaf tea are the high grades teas found in smaller tea estates. The texture, aroma as well the tastes varies from season to season. The particular flavors and aromas of the tea depends on the specific estates, regions, their growing seasons as well as the processing done over those tea leaves. A wide range of aromas and flavor can be traced out from those loose leaf teas. The taste and aromas of the loose tea leaf seems somewhat unique with a larger number of antioxidants resulting in a positive mood than those tiny dusts and fannings as found in green teas. Steeping loose leaf tea, helps in absorbing the required water as they spread out. This helps the water to flow through the tea leaves and release out diverse range of vitamins, minerals, flavors, and scents formed in those leaves which are necessary for proper survival.

While steeping tea with the help of teabags, its infusion gets restricted by the size of the teabags. Most teabags includes dust and fannings. Now here dust and fannings gets formed when the orange pekoe tea leaves get crushed.Since fullleaf tea cannot be patterned into the small tea bags, so they get converted into fannings and dust. The flavors from the tea also depends on the shape, size as well as the ingredients filled inside those tea bags. Previously, when the traditional tea bags were steeped, they would releases more phenol like taste resulting in a much bitter flavor. In those days, the tea bags restricted the tea leaves from releasing their full aroma as well as the flavor . Paper teabags on the other hand, breaks onto the leaves preventing the natural unrolling. But due to the advancement of science and technology, sophisticated teabags like the tea pouches , pyramid patterned teabags with smaller particles of dust and fannings gets manufactured. When these tea bags gets steeped into the required water, the instilment rates of the tea gets increased resulting in a more favorable brew . Low rate and easy to make suitable for the “sugar and milk ” tea drinkers, the tea bags are hugely demanded by the working women class. Since tea has many health benefits as known from the ancient times, so its hugely demanded by every working lady to have their cup of brew every morning before starting their hectic schedule. So they prefer using teabags instead of loose leaf tea. Moreover, teabags are blended for standardization.

But over the years , from the recent surveys it has been found out that apart from the working women , the rest of the population including the aged persons prefers having their cup of tea made from infusing loose leaf tea. The taste according to them seems like heading towards the ethereal world. Though advancement in science and technology has been made ,but till date the quality of brew made from those tea bags do not match the standards of the brew produced from those Loose leaf tea.



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