Chaga Tea

Originated in Russia theChagamushroom is endemic to Eastern, Northern Europe as well as Asia. A typical fungus growing on the birch trees, the Chaga mushrooms are simply dried and then boiled to make that perfect cup of tea.

How to prepare Chaga Tea at home:

  • Use a Heavier Vessel Boiling time for Chaga should be a little longer, and if you use a delicate teapot made of porcelain, you may strain it permanently. Fill the vessel with 1 liter water. Boil the water between 140 F and 160 F. Let it cool for sometime. Don’t pour boiling water on Chaga because if this is done then it can destroy the antioxidants and so therefore, it has to be avoided.
  •  Prepare smaller Chunks of Chaga If you are using chaga chunks, then try to break them up into smaller pieces that is into 1-inch cubes. Since Chaga’s are quite hard, so one needs to use hammer to break those Chaga. Wrap the Chaga in the cloth, place it on a rough surface such as the floor, and hit the chaga a few times to break it down into smaller chunks. If the chunks remains too large, then the full flavor of the chaga tea cannot be relished.
  •  Steep If one uses tea bags , then the ea bags needs to be soaked in warm water for 4 to 6 minutes. Tea bags makes brewing fast and therefore results in a mild and uplifting cup of tea. Chunks, on the other hand, need to be steeped for a minimum of 1 hour in warm water. After that the tea becomes a dark reddish-brown. Some people would love stirring the tea by warming it in low heat for at least 4 hours. This creates a bitter, rich and relaxing drink. Others use a Crock-Pot to slowly brew the chaga over low temperature. This creates a very dark rich tea similar to black ink. When the steeping get finished, don’t throw the chucks. Chaga cubes can be used more than once after the initial use. They can also be burned as incense, or consumed in powdered form after grinding it in the coffee grinder.
  • Serve and Enjoy Chaga tea has a relatively milder taste when is brewed for a longer time. The hot tea brews well with cinnamon and maple syrup. Many prefer consuming chaga as an iced tea.Let the chaga tea cool over a few hours, add some ice cubes thereafter with a squeeze of lemon.

Health Benefits:

  • Defense– Chaga contains Beta-D Glucans which boost the immune system, helping your body fight against tumors as well as DNA damages to the human cells. Chaga also contains a compound known as betulin found in birch trees that protects the birch against foreign invaders. Human cells are resistant to betulin, so it only attacks the irritating cold, fungal infections etc
  • Energy-The structural polysaccharides found in Chaga’s Cell walls provides energy and uplifts mood. Polysaccharides is basically the carbohydrate which consists of a lot of the sugar molecules that gives you a sweet, long lasting energy.
  • Skin Protection– Your skin needs protection! Chaga is great for both internal as well as extrenal uses. Chaga contains melanin which aids in sun-protection. In addition to these, Chaga also promotes good circulation, fights against infection as well as reduces inflammation.


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