Sipping A Cup Of White Tea

White tea popularly known for having ample number of antioxidants , anti-ageing properties thus leading it a great ingredient to include in your regular skincare routine. Similarly to a green tea face mask, the white tea face mask can be easily prepared at home without much hassle. Once you start using the white tea face mask twice a week , then early signs of ageing gets prevented, thereby, making the skin look younger.

But how to make the White tea:
First of all, use one teaspoon finely-grounded white tea,  one teaspoon honey and pinch of baking soda. White tea need not be infused to prepare the mask, instead the finely-grounded tea needs to be added directly in the mask. So for this, all you need to do is in a bowl, mix one teaspoon white tea leaves,  teaspoon honey and a pinch of baking soda well. Apply this mask on face and neck and leave it for about 10 minutes.

Health Benefits:
The white tea has anti-ageing properties that prevents breakdown of collagen and elastin in skin cells. Collagen provides skin strength , elasticity, while elastin which is a highly elastic protein in connective tissue helps body resume shape after stretching and contracting. White tea significantly known as the appropriate anti-ageing skin treatment helps skin look plump , firm as well as wrinkle-free.


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