Sleep Better After Drinking This Mystic Tea!!

Considered to be the national flower of Russia, Chamomile, the little white blossom loaded with snow white petals, bright yellow center has an age old benefit of making us sleep. But apart from that Chamomile has many other benefits. Lets take look into the details below:

  • Cures upset stomach– If belly-soothing herbs, such peppermint, ginger, chamomile helps in treating diarrhea.
  • Lowers blood sugar– Studies shows consumption of chamomile tea lowers blood-glucose levels in people suffering type-2 diabetes. So drink it before lunch and dinner.
  • Chamomile can even lightens dark under eye circles-Chamomile increases circulation soothe irritation around eyes, thereby reducing dark circles. In order to reduce dark circles, place two tea bags in hot water for few minutes, remove them, allow it to cool. Place those over eyelids, relax upto 10 minutes, take them off, dry your skin with a cloth. (Avoid in case you are allergic to chamomile).
  • And dial down period pain– Also known reducing inflammation; add drops of chamomile tea to soothe your mood.
  • Removes anxiety– It calms anxious body mind. It has been found that people suffering from mild to moderate generalized anxiety disorder found that chamomile extract reduced their anxiety mode upto some extent. So if you’re suffering from anxiety, then a cup of plain chamomile tea can calm you down.
  • Chamomile literally makes you tired– Chamomile tea is known worldwide as the sleeping recipient. So sip a cup before bedtime as a relishing way to say goodnight.
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