The Secrets Behind Loose Leaf Tea

Tea have ample number of benefits since age old and its importance in the modern context cannot be denied yet. The Green tea which is a worldwide popular tea for weight loss. Also Green tea purifies blood , reduces size of tumors . But there are certain unique benefits of loose leaf tea which cant be denied in the modern world. Lets have a glance at those health benefits: .

1. Loose leaf tea tastes finer– The teabags are manufactured for standards but can be blended with stems . So for an ethnic tea experience, try loose leaf tea because it would taste better as well as possess freshness.

2. Qualities of loose leaf tea is a higher one-  The teas bags mostly contains dust and fannings which are the tiny particles of tea left over from the end product of loose leaf tea .

3. Loose leaf tea is better for the environment- The tea bags are hard to get compost. The loose leaf tea doesn’t consist of tea bags surrounding so it can be directly thrown onto the compost heap.

4. Loose leaf tea is fresher- The tea leaves in tea bags are generally filled with tea leaves from different locations, and has usually travelled great distances before it reached supermarket shelves, making it less fresh.

5. Loose leaf tea is  for your health- Wellness results from the antioxidant as well as  anti-inflammatory elements contained in tea. Catcheins which are found in green tea has the greatest concentration in fresh leaves . To have the effect of phytochemicals in body, drink green tea in the form of loose leaf tea.


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