Is Tea Tree Oil Really Beneficial For Your Skin?

Tea tree oil is normally a global cleanser used in the household cleaners, face wash, deodorant, massage oil, topical use, bath/shower as well as like the air freshener.

Tea tree oil, an essential oil extracted from an Australian vegetation also known as Melaleuca Alternifolia has been used for several years in Australia for the healing properties it provides.

Tea tree oil basically kills bacteria and fungus. Sources reveal that tea tree oil for acne is effective like the Benzoyl Peroxide( a general acne medicine).

Like the Benzoyl Peroxide, tea tree oil also needs to be diluted to prevent skin irritation. Here’s how to appropriately use tea tree oil for acne treatment:

Step 1: Mix honey or water whichever you get easily and mix it with tea tree oil, at about 20:1 ratio.

Step 2: Dip one cotton ball in the mixture and dab on those acne spots.

Step 3: After it fully gets absorbed into the skin, use it as a regular moisturizer.

The smell of the tea tree oil is usually very strong, but when diluted with water or honey, the tea tree scent gets reduced.

Tea tree oil burns when you apply it to your skin alone. After diluting it, it should be more of a sting that goes away after a few seconds. Each and every person’s skin is different, some oily, some dry, some normal  so the ratio of blending tea tree oil with water/ honey  ratio should depend on how much your skin is sensitive after dabbing the mixture.

If used regularly, then you can find that after two to three days, positive results occur. The tea tree oil fades the spots on cheek and upper lip completely. Even if the mixture is applied on the scars, then within two to three days , the scars gets diminished.

Even though it might take time but the acne, scars as well as the blemishes actually starts fading away.

Researchers prove that tea tree oil is 100% most effective natural home remedy for skin. And so tea tree oil should be continuously applied as and when required.

Studies proved that enormous changes are felt in the skin after using the tea tree oil for eight days consistently in a row. Acne scars slowly starts fading out and pimples gets reduced in size from the original structure.


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