A “YES” to GREEN TEA for A “NO” to Depression!

Most of us, hanker for green tea for its Weight loss benefit. But to meet your excitement,  the green cuppa you love  also aids  depression. Now, HOW is an interesting question in your mind right now!

The hectic schedule of everyone has left almost everyone alone in this world.  Most  of the time peoplesuffer from anxiety and depression .Sometimes due to business and service or sometimes family and relationships. Whatsoever, might be the reason, a cup of green tea can solve your problem.

Caffeine in green tea is a stimulant that can temporarily elevate our moods. This is the reason why people feel better after a cup of green tea.

However, researchers have found that L-Theanine, which is an amino acid is found in green tea, fights depression in human beings. The level of neurotransmitters in the brain such as serotonin and dopamine are altered with the consumption of green tea. Thus, L-Theanine has a comforting effect on people. This is also the  reason why a cup of green tea in the morning keeps the power to refresh your mood till the next cup of green tea, after coming back from office in the evenings.

Theanine in green tea furthermore helps to reduce anxiety and increase concentration power.  So, If you have less concentration power and can’t concentrate on things deeply, consuming green tea can help you!

Supplementation of L – Theanine also helps to increase attention and memory. So, add some more aptitude by adding a cup of green tea to your diet!

Theanine and caffeine together in green tea improves alertness and also reduces fatigue. Noteworthy that the side effects of the use of high dose of caffeine is checked by the Theanine in green tea, to make your cup of green tea more healthy and wealthy for you!


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