How to Brew as per the Tea Type – White Tea

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Tea Brewing is an art which very few people have mastered. In this blog post about tea brewing we will tell you how you can brew the white tea perfectly so that you can get the best taste out of the tea leaves.

Tea brewing depends a lot on the amount of leaves used, Temperature and brewing time. 

Amount of leaves used is inversely proportional to the brewing time. For Eg. If you use 5 gms of white tea for a 180ml brew you will have to brew the tea for 2 mins keeping in mind the temperature of the water is 80-85

If we increase the temperature of the water to 95 then our Brewing time should be significantly reduced to 45 secs.

White Tea leaves are very tender and gentle and cn release the bitterness causing agent of the tea very early if the temperature of the water is boiling.

Ideal temperature for brewing white tea is 80-85

Ideal Leaf to be used for 1 cup should be 2 gram

Ideal Steeping time should be 3-4 mins.

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