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Arunachal Tea

The Arunachal Tea also known as the Golden Needles are a type of tea which is made from the unique needle-shaped,golden tea buds. Here the entire bud remains covered with golden texture .The buds are then cautiously picked up since they are very delicate and have a feathery touch.The liquor consists of a golden color […]

Yerba Mate tea

The Yerba Mate tea comes from the holly breed that produces small berries which in turn grows into greenish white florets. Discovered by the locales of the forests of Tupi(southern brazil) as well as Paraguay (the Guarani) this herb was previously known “from the gods” and used mostly for physical endurance, medicinal aid. A staple […]

Orange Pekoe Tea

Orange Pekoe

The term “Orange Pekoe” often misunderstood as the unflavoured black tea. But in the real sense, it does not refer to any unflavoured black tea. Orange Pekoe also cannot be termed to have any particular color or flavor. Orange Pekoe basically refers to the medium graded black tea with leaves of a peculiar size. When […]