Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea is not any particular type of tea. Basically Ceylon is a region in Sri Lanka , where teas are grown. So, the teas from that region are termed as Ceylon Tea. Ceylon teas can be termed into different categories such as the White tea, black tea as well as green tea. These different types of teas have their own assets. Lets go into the details of these different types of tea:

Ceylon White tea– Produced from the Camellia Sinensis plant , the leaves and buds are left to dried in sunlight and after that they are lightly prepared to avoid oxidization, this results in a tender ,light drink with tastes of pine and honey.

Ceylon Black tea -Widely popular around the world one of the most famous and well loved teas around the world. The process of manufacturing Black tea includes drying of the plucked leaves to reduce the moisture content by approximately 50%. Thereafter the leaves are twisted by machine tea rollers to separate and break them into parts. This process of breaking down the leaves leads to a chemical reaction that is catalyzed by the enzymes in the leaf. Ceylon Black tea one of the most oxidized variety contains huge quantities of caffeine. Black tea best grown in climate that’s hot and moist where the temperature does not exceed beyond 95 degrees Fahrenheit and never falls below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of being closer to the equator, the climatic conditions of Sri Lanka is excellent for growing as well as producing Black tea. Tea grown in numerous estates around the country which varies in altitude thus retaining its ideal qualities. These highly grown tea has a honey golden booze that’s light and treated to be one of the finest tasting teas around the world due to their well-defined taste, scent as well as strength. Low grown tea has a coral brown booze and a taste that is normally strong. The medial grown teas have a strong flavor.

Ceylon Green tea The green tea here occurs when it is added to the mix. Though young ,the Ceylon Green Tea industry keeps growing promptly as the product has acquired the popularity of the tea drinkers around the world. Because the Ceylon green tea leaves tend to be darker and have a very strong flavor.

Health Benefits:

  •  Fights against cancer as well as heart diseases
  • Creates mental alertness
  • Strengthens the immune system
  •  Improves oral health
  • Curtails the risk of Alzheimer’s as well as Parkinson’s


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