North Assam Teas

Among the North Assam Teas, the Halmari Teas needs a special mention. Located in the Moran district of Dibrugarh, Assam , these Halmari tea garden encompasses of 374 hectares of land. The tea produced at Halmari are one of the finest quality till date. It is indeed a very arduous task of finding a  better CTC similar to the Halmari CTC anywhere in the world.

Halmari tea consists of the fresh First Flush and Second Flush tea leaves.Types of teas grown at Halmari include-CTC Blend, Orthodox, Chamomile, Earl Grey, Lemon Green Tea, White Tea, Clonal Black Tea ,Hand Rolled Oolong, Silver Needles as well as Golden Tips.

Awarded in 2017 with the Global Tea Championship First Place Award in the Fall Hot Loose leaf Assam Category. Since there are varieties of teas grown at Halmari tea gardens,but let us take into the making of Halmari Clonal Tea

  Preparation of Halmari Clonal Tea at home:

  • These dry leaves having a dark brown uniform color with an ample portion covered with golden tips have a rich appearance. Consisting of small leaf as well as bud fragments, the scent yearns for a malty, light nutmeg-like spiciness.
  • 530 ml of water to be boiled in a saucepan for 3 minutes
  • 9 grams of tea leaves are to be added in the saucepan.
  • After 3 minutes , just pour down the liquor onto your favourite cup
  • You can add honey or sugar as per your taste.
  • Relish it on a cold weather.

Health Benefits :

  • Halmari Tea is entirely free from fats, calories as well as cholesterol. From promoting a healthy heart to lowering the risk of Type II diabetes, these orthodox black leaves keeps one fit and active.
  • Apart from this, Halmari Clonal Tea is also popularly known for winning hearts worldwide.


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