Arunachal Tea

The Arunachal Tea also known as the Golden Needles are a type of tea which is made from the unique needle-shaped,golden tea buds. Here the entire bud remains covered with golden texture .The buds are then cautiously picked up since they are very delicate and have a feathery touch.The liquor consists of a golden color with a sweet essence soothing for the taste buds.Located in the small village of Oyan in East Siang district,the Donyi Polo tea estate has been producing this Golden Needles tea since ages. Donyi Polo is the only destination where you can find this gold layered tea made from the unique needle-shaped, golden tea buds.

Ingredients Required :

  • Loose tea leaves
  • Tea Kettle
  • Filter water


1.Place 1 teaspoon of dry tea leaves into the saucepan..

2.Pour the boiling water into the tea leaves, filling the saucepan almost half .

3. Pour this one out immediately and discard this initial “rinsing infusion”.

4. When the water in the serving pitcher has reached 160 degrees Fahrenheit, pour the water into the teapot with the rinsed leaves.

5. Soak the tea for minutes.

6. Pour the tea into the serving pitcher through a fine mesh trainer.

7. For a second infusion, employ the same temperature of water and the same soaking time.

8. If you would love to do a third infusion, use boiling water and soak for 7 minutes.

9.Then strain the water through the strainer into your cup.

10. Relish it after a day long stress.


Let us look into the Health Benefit :

  • Golden needles tea produces an ample number of antioxidants,beneficial to fight against those free radicals in the body. Free radicals are those molecules that react automatically with other substances in the body, which in turn causes damage to the cells.




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