History of Teas in the West

Firstly discovered in the Yunnan State, the tea tree was purely coincidence. It so happened that one farmer while returning from the field traced tiny leaves fallen into the ground which comprised of some edible scents, so he consumed those leaves. And then it was traced that the leaflets had fallen from the tea tree. The tea tree was then discovered. People then started boiling the tea leaves in hot water, refreshing scent enveloped the air. So the women folk started consuming it in the middle of the day in spite of their hectic schedule. From there on as it spread to different western countries.

Ancient men, women drank it when suffered from cold , cough and found that it had curing properties . From then on , it was considered to be the medicinal drink responsible for curing innumerable diseases such as (cold, dementia, bowel issues, eye problems apart from the elegancy it carried. Then some of the elegant ladies started sugar addition to the tea, thus symbolizing respectability and started serving it to the guests whoever visited their address.

This started creating the demand for tea even at workplaces because of the refreshing supplements it carried. So it was usually gulped in mid afternoon by the workers . Then it started getting prepared at home for social gatherings.Though tea was mostly consumed by the upper business classes, but still it got sold in every nook and corners of London.

Teas from foreign nations first purchased by London wholesalers .Because of the growing popularity of Oolong , Green and Black teas in China, the plants got soon imported by the tea owners of different countries for importing it in their own estates.

And so the prices of these tea varieties got increased rapidly, thereby, targeting the upper classes. So the tea created severe demand among the elite classes including the ladies who were conscious of their health. But as time passed, the tea industry earned huge profits which created a great loss for the silk industry.

Tea began the prime element of focus when compared to coffee because the rates of tea remains fixed with ample demands and supply. But the prices of coffee escalated, thus, creating a low demand. But again, sudden fall in prices of tea during 1750 resulted in catering the elite drink to all sections of the society. Essence got vividly understood when western countries consumed it with bread-butter-cheese, sweets for their morning breakfast.



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