How to make most of the tea leaves

Leaves extracted from the Camellia Sinensis plants have a consistent taste even after infusing multiple times. Infusing in warm water leads to expansion of the tea leaves, which results in a more concentrated flavor. The advantages of second infusion produces the best taste. Fresh teas like green oolongs, can be drank the next day with the fresh leaves that were used on the first day .

Ripe Pu’er teas overnight infusing and drinking the next day will result in better tastes. Premium Oolong can be drank at least 5 times but the infusion lasts till 8 times which results in a milder taste. Black teas such as Qimen tea can be drank for a maximum number of 3-4 times, however, if Dian Black tea, are infused for more than 10 times, then it will lose its flavor. White teas can be infused at least 5 times.

But the taste of loose leaf tea depends on certain conditions which are as follows:

Waterleaf ratio– Use one gram tea for each 1-2 ounces of water, and infuse the leaves for 3-5 times. More leaves and less water leads results in concentrated flavors.

Infusion time. Leave the leaves into the teapot for a minimum of 3 minutes. With more leaves in the teapot, the flavor remains concentrated, even with a short span of infusion . Shorter infusion allows the leaf to open slowly with each infusion, thereby, limiting bitterness of the brew.

Don’t wait too long between infusions. When the tea leaves gets exposed to air, they lose their flavors ,aroma. That is why the infused fresh tea leaves should not be kept for too long for the second infusion. That is the leaves should be infused on the same day itself.

On the other hand, Herbal tea are not made from the Camellia sinensis tea plants, usually consists of tiny leaves, petals, roots. But the flavors of the Camellia sinensis tea leaves lasts even after multiple infusions. But tea filled with artificial flavors will result losing the ethnic flavor because the latter gets washed away from the surface of the leaves after the first infusion.


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