Do you know how to make the masala tea the right way?

Spices are what coheres the Indian culture. Without the addition of spices, that makes the Indians are also huge fans of spices. That is exactly what the masala tea offers — a perfect blend of black tea with aromatic spices such as the cloves, cardamom, black pepper, fennel seeds, cinnamon sticks, ginger powder.


• Handful of cloves (near about 10)

• 12 cardamoms

• 3 tablespoon black pepper

• 3 tablespoon fennel seeds

• 1 cinnamon stick

• ½ tablespoon ginger powder

Steps for making the Masala Mixture:

  1. Roast the spices for nearly 2 minutes
  2.  Add cinnamon stick and continue roasting for 30 seconds
  3. Then turn off the flame
  4.  Add ginger powder and mix it well
  5.  Let the mixture cool off and then grind them thoroughly

Procedure for making the Masala Chai:(2 cups)

  • Add the required amount of water to the saucepan
  •  Boil the water at the appropriate temperature for 4-5 minutes
  •  Add the masala mixture to the boiled water
  •  Let it steep for ½ minutes
  •  Pour the liquid into the assigned cups
  •  Do not add sugar/ honey to the tea as both are high in calories. However, contrary to popular beliefs, one tablespoon of honey contains 64 calories when compared to 49 calories present in one tablespoon of sugar.

Health Benefits:

  •  Controls Blood Pressure-The varied spices in masala chai lowers the blood sugar levels and keeps the blood pressure level under control
  •  Aids in Digestion-Because of the spices present in masala chai, it cuts out the acidic tendencies and thereby leads in proper digestion.
  •  Provides Energy-The mixture of the varied spices creates a positive energy if taken daily
  •  Stress Relief-The ingredients in masala chai removes our stress.
  •  Prevention of Diabetes-Masala Chai increases the insulin sensitivity in the body
  •  Fights Against Cold, Flu-Covered with anti-fungal properties, masala chai helps in fighting against cold, flu
  •  Keeps Heart In Good Condition-The amount of plaque formation in the arterial blocks gets reduced with the consumption of masala chai daily
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