Honey And Cinnamon Tea Useful in Weight Loss

Weight loss’ a serious health concern for people. So they all seek instant remedy. So they search on the internet, television channels after seeing ads on television. After which they buy capsules which brands ‘instant weight loss. ’’

But in their choice of instant remedies , they forget essence products like honey and cinnamon. They proved an age long cure from various illnesses and losing weight is one of the extreme essence cinnamon- honey tea has. So if taken regularly with proper diet and exercise, then change in body shape is bound to occur, i.e, tea will seriously lead to weight loss. Aromatic, flavorful cinnamon were used by ancient people for healing wounds, lowering blood pressure and even cutting bad cholesterol.

Raw “honey’’ reduces effects of insulin, glucose levels.

Preparation of honey-cinnamon tea:

• Mix one teaspoon honey and 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon in a cup of green tea.


Weight Loss– Honey-cinnamon mixed in lukewarm tea leads to weight loss provided you have a regular exercise with a well-balanced diet.

Hair Care– Nurtures hair, reduces hair fall and leads to hair growth.

Prevents Heart Disorders– This tea reduces the levels of cholesterol and keeps the heart healthy.

Dental Care:- Useful for removing bad breath, toothaches

Skin Care– The tea reduces pimples, dark spots as well as wrinkles .

Aids in Digestion– Tea removes gas from stomach, intestine, removes excess flatulence, indigestion . Regular consumption creates healthy digestion thereby protecting gastrointestinal system from a number of serious conditions.

Relief From Arthritis– Regular intake of cinnamon-ginger tea helps in relieve from joint pain thereby, maintaining a proper bone health.

Controls Diabetes- The antioxidant as found in Cinnamon similar to insulin, encourages glucose out of bloodstream into those cells, provides energy. Honey doesn’t cause fluctuation in blood sugar levels when compared with artificial sources of sugar.

Treats Insect-Bites-Helps in curing insect bites and reducing inflammation at the source.

Revitalises Immunity- Helps eliminating cold, influenza.



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