Facts Behind Yellow Tea

Yellow Tea the type of drink which gained popularity since ages. The taste, is fruity and somewhat authentic with a soothing aroma. However, it is easier on the stomach as compared to green tea and other teas as well. The bright yellow texture of this hot drink is attained through a process known as ‘Sealed Yellowing’. Under this process, the tea catechins gets oxidized first for attaining the yellow tint and preserved later for the hues and scent of the dried leaves.

Now lets look into the procedure of making Yellow Tea at home:

  • Take one glass boiling water
  • Add 5 grams yellow tea
  •  Infuse it for at least 5 minutes, depending on how strong you want it to be
  • If needed, add sweeteners (honey or sugar)
  •  Strain it after five minutes
  • The hot cup of perfect yellow tea is ready.

Now lets look into the health benefits:

1.Promotes weight loss: Since polyphenols , catechins are present in green tea , so the doctors are of the view that the yellow tea extracts are useful for increasing metabolism and burning fats rapidly .

2.Removes diabetes symptoms: The yellow tea prevent the type-1 diabetes.

3.Increases appetite: Drinking yellow tea an hour before having meal increases your intake capacity naturally.

4.Beneficial for liver: The polyphenol present in yellow tea makes the liver immune.

5.Anti-ageing properties: Useful for regaining bouncing skin, as well as removing blemishes, wrinkles because of the presence of antioxidants present in yellow tea.

6.Useful during pregnancy: Useful to have yellow tea upto a certain limit till the 12th week of pregnancy.


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