Are Iced teas the most soothing drink during summer?

With every passing day, water becomes an essential part of our life. Returning home after a hectic schedule makes one gulp a glass of cold water. But for how many days does this cool water seems soothing to our taste-buds. Nowadays ,there are many ready made drinks to soothe your taste buds.But why don’t you try this  So after returning home , one would gulp a glass of water.

But everyday after returning home , gulping a glass of water becomes a monotonous task. So instead of that why don’t you try the different varieties of iced teas.

 Enter: homemade iced tea. Homemade versions are less sugar-laden than store-bought brands, as well as lower calorie, meaning that you can indulge and rehydrate without feeling guilty. Need ideas to shake it up? Try these crisp, citrus blends.

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