Should I Sip My Cup Of Green tea tonight?

Nowadays, mostly the working elites (especially the women) prefers sipping green tea during night time ,after they reach their homes completing assigned busy schedule.  These tea elites believe that the green tea leads them to a better sleep and wake them up more enthusiastically the next morning.

The Green tea as seen has been the trend recently. So drinking Green tea during night has some advantages . Lets hook into those advantages:

  1. Since Green tea is laden with various beneficial plant compounds, so drinking it at night improves sleep quality. Derived from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, the Green tea can be subdivided into three categories:
  • Amino acids. Theanine,the amino acid found in green tea is believed to be the main sleep-inducing compound in Green tea .Lowers stress hormones, this in turn allows the brain to relax, secure brain function, improve sleep quantity . So drinking 3- 4 cups of green tea all throughout the day reduces exhaustion and improves sleep quality
  • Catechins. Found in green tea ,the catechins are a group of antioxidants including epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and epigallocatechin (EGC) that hinders cell damage.
  • Caffeine. Found in teas, chocolates and coffee, the caffeine are responsible for  promoting nerve cell function, improving mood and memory as well.

But there are also certain disadvantages of drinking green tea at night :

  • Green tea usually contains caffeine. The caffeine is responsible for improving alertness, focus , reducing tiredness — but these symptoms creates difficulty in falling asleep . Because the effects of caffeine appears within 25 minutes. But within 1 hour , the effects are at the highest stage, so drinking caffeinated green tea during night prevents the ability to fall asleep faster.And for those who are particularly sensitive to caffeine , Infuse tea in room temperature water — rather than boiling water — this leads to the reduction of the total caffeine amount. And so recommended for those who are addicted to having green tea before bedtime
  • Another important tip is to have tea at least two hours before sleep . This prevents peeing during mid-sleep .

Therefore, it is clearly shown from the above points – the advantages as well as the disadvantages of sipping green tea before bedtime. And so these points should be deeply focused while sipping your Green Tea tonight! 


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