Black Tea Helps In The Prevention Of Cancerous Cells

Derived from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant , the Black tea is popularly known for its taste, aroma as well as health benefits is loaded with rich amount of antioxidants. Black tea can be consumed with or without milk depending on the user’s taste.

Nowadays smoking have become the trend. Most people smoke because it provides some sort of pleasure for them. But the smoke emitted from cigarette are known as carcinogens and these carcinogens are responsible for causing cancer. But if the Black tea is consumed on a regular basis , then it will prevent the formation of cancer which includes the ovarian cancer, prostrate cancer as well as the rectal cancer. Daily consumption of black tea by the females reduces the risk of bladder cancer .

Another feature of black tea is the detoxification of enzymes . The detoxifying enzymes determines the direction of carcinogens .Black tea since it contains various anti-oxidant properties have wide popularity. When combined with herbs like cinnamon, black tea increases its chemo preventive effect against carcinogen contaminated health risks.

Camellia Sinensis is a large leafed plant used for manufacturing all forms of tea such as black, oolong, green, white and yellow.

Even though all forms of tea are derived from the Camellia Sinensis plant, the difference lies in the manufacturing procedure. Black tea gets fully fermented and because of this strong flavor and black color gets generated.

A morning without black tea seems incomplete. It reawakens our mind. The black tea which we consume everyday is more than just a drink.  The natural antioxidants derived from the Camellia Sinensis plant are considered to be more beneficial if compared to those synthetic antioxidants.

Black tea prevents from adverse effect of toxic chemicals and carcinogenic substances . Consumption of tea prevents the growth of tumors due to the presence of polyphenols in them.

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