Rosehip Tea, The Hidden Health Benefits!!

Freshly picked berries loaded with full of polyphenols, carotenoids , flavonoids were regarded since ancient times as the antioxidants  used for making rosehip tea. It was said and even told today that drinking Rosehip Tea everyday heals wounds faster ,protects humans against various kinds of illnesses, thereby making us immune.

Herbs such as lemon balm, spearmint when added to the berries while making the Rosehip tea, the taste will be more soothing for the taste- buds. More than 150 species of roses in the Northern Hemisphere alone can be used to make rosehip tea.

Studies have shown that Rosehip tea can reduce inflammation, promote heart health, help our bodies regulate blood pressure, improve circulation, strengthen our bones, boost digestion, regulate blood sugar levels and relieve pain.

Rosehip tea are also considered as part of a healthy diet, and the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of rosehip tea are being studied by scientists and doctors who are hopeful that the healing properties might become more mainstream in modern medicine.

After the berries grow in summer, the leaves from the bush starts falling and the berries start changing into dark red or orange texture . This signals that the berries have ripened and ready to be plucked.

Rosehips grow wild in varied climates . For this to happen , ample amount of rain and sunshine is needed.

The fresh fruit can be immediately plucked for making the right flavored Rosehip tea which is tangy but tart at the same time and tastes like the flower petals that gave it energy to grow.

Let us look at the other health benefits of Rosehip Tea:

  • Beneficial For Skin and Hair- Because of the high concentrations of Vitamin E, skin brightens,  appearances of wrinkles, dark spots gets reduced. And the skin tone gets improved.

Rosehip tea contains natural oils, vitamins and minerals that brightens skin and keep hair shiny and healthy.

  • Rich In Vitamin C- Rosehip tea contains vitamin C which develops white blood cells(WBC) and this WBC helps in fighting against flu. Vitamin C is also significant for maintaining healthy bones, promoting blood circulation, maintaining blood pressure as well as the growth of new blood cells.

Rosehips also contains Vitamin E, antioxidants, bioflavonoids, polyphenols and dozens of other vitamins, nutrients and beneficial compounds that help keep our bodies strong.

  • Energy Booster– Rosehip tea, the herbal drink can be drank any time of the day but not recommended for pregnant ladies, the elderly. The Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C work together to develop focus ,increase energy without any anxieties.

Therefore, since the ancient times upto the present , the berries used in making Rosehip Tea has a lot of health benefits when taken on an everyday basis .



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