White Tea – The Milder Tea To Start Your Day Positively!

White tea  prepared from the Camellia Sinensis plant are plucked before the leaves are ready to fully open, when the young buds are still covered in their fine white hairs, hence the name white tea came into existence. The tea and leaves are oxidized resulting in a tender and fresh flavor. However, the  white tea is not purely white in color—it’s pale yellow.

White tea is loaded with a rich amount of antioxidants if compared with green tea.

The flavor from white tea is tender, unique and somewhat rare and soothing to the taste buds. Some people also regard the flavor to be sweet, citrus , chocolate , vanilla ,floral, grassy, honey, fruity, melon, peach, apricot, herbs like, mild and not strong flavored. The amount of caffeine contained in white tea is less if compared with green or black tea. However, it depends on how it is processed.

Being loaded with a rich number of antioxidants, white tea reduces the risk of heart diseases, inflammatory diseases, stroke, certain cancers.

After the white tea leaves are plucked early because at that moment the plants remain soft with silvery hairs, the leaves are then steamed and dried immediately instead of rolling, wilting , oxidizing and drying like the black tea.

When white tea is compared with the green tea, it is found that the former might lead to the increase of metabolism by 5 percent and fat burning by up to 15 percent.

Studies confirm that drinking up to three cups of white tea everyday reduces symptoms of heart diseases and stroke, certain types of cancers as well as inflammatory diseases. So drink it regularly for proper functioning of the body.

Also adding fresh mint leaves to the white tea can boost up the immune system.

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