What are Namhah Bagless Tea Bags?

Namhah presents Bagless Teabags! So, what are they?
Anything that can make our lives easier is appreciated by all of us. Steeping tea bags is such a quick and easy way to brew tea. Tea bags, as convenient as they are, are found to contain chemicals and polymers that are dangerous to our health, according to studies. Tea bags are not only harmful for our health, but they also have a negative impact on the environment because they are single-use, disposable things. For some, learning this may be disheartening, but know that there are better solutions available.
Namhah has good news for everyone who wants the convenience of a tea bag yet does not want the harm done by the regular tea bags.
Benefits of Bagless Teabags
• Rolled Tea balls packed at source
• Provides comfort and convenience
• Eliminates the danger of microplastics and nylon.
• Eliminates the need of a strainer
• High quality tea
• Eco- friendly
Namhah presents Bagless Teabags, one of its kind in the whole India. The bagless tea bags from Namhah are rolled tea balls of loose green tea leaf that is attached to a cotton thread. The tea ball needs to be dipped into hot water and brewed for 2-3 minutes. After brewing the tea ball can be easily pulled out of the cup with the help of the cotton thread. This also removes the hassle of using a strainer. Once the tea ball is removed, one can enjoy their freshly brewed cup of green tea.
These tea balls give you the comfort and convenience of using a tea bag thus saving you time and mess of brewed tea leaves. Along with that, it eliminates the danger of microplastics, and nylon used to manufacture the regular tea bags. Hence these tea balls from Namhah are aptly named as Bagless Teabags.

Where to purchase Bagless Teabags?

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