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Turmeric Tea

The word ‘Turmeric‘ is known to us from ancient times, it was used by all our grandmothers for skin care, heart disease preventions, cancer and many more. So grandmothers taught us to have turmeric milk and enjoy its frequential benefits. But as time passed, people started having turmeric tea understanding its health benefits. Studies found […]

Brewing Black Tea the Right Way

Black teas have a great demand all over. Be it among teenagers, adults or elderly persons, all prefer black tea at their leisure time because it provides a mild refreshment after the hectic schedule.The water you use have equal importance as the tea leaves. Use tap water, filtered water, spring water that has not been […]

Iced Tea

Iced tea much more than a typical drink was first introduced at the World Fair by accident by Richard Blechynden in 1904. It so happened that Richard was serving hot tea to the people there but they were not having it . So he started serving them cold tea, people started gathering around and having […]

Tea the second most preferred beverage after water

Tea, was invented some 5000 years ago when a farmer while returning from his daily work saw some leaves falling into the ground which uttered some floral scents. To know more about this leaves, the farmer went home and boiled it in hot water. The aroma which filled the kitchen seemed soothing . And later […]

Tea accessories and its types

‘’Tea is vital for the sustenance of life.’’ Without having tea early in the morning, most of the people whether young or old find it hard to continue their morning with a fresh zeal . Tea are of various types such as Oolong Tea, Green tea, Matcha Tea, Wine Tea, Yellow Tea, Earl Grey, Black Tea, […]

Chai and its Culture in India

India competes with China for the designation of world’s largest producer of tea. More than 1,00,000 landholders of tea employs nearly millions of tea workers from the geographically and ethnically rich subcontinent of India. Tea is so rooted in the framework of India’s culture that 70 percent of the millions of the tea wholly produced […]

Lemon Tea and its Health Benefits

Black and Green teas have an age old popularity. But Lemon teas are trending now because of the immense health benefits it provides. And adding some lemon juices these tea types makes it an awesome drink. The tea gets prepared by adding some lemon juices to the black or green teas. After which the colour […]

Milk Tea

Milk Tea very popular among the Indian household has a long history. Silk Road, the oldest business network connecting East and West had been the central point for cultural interactions among the regions for many centuries has led to the development of milk tea. As the Silk Road influenced the spread of culture and traditions, the […]

Tea Ceremony In China

Significantly linked to the Chinese traditions, drinking tea became necessary for self –assessment during the Tang Regime.After that the popularity of Tea started.Now here the Chinese tea ceremony refers to the process of getting tea prepared for special occasions such as social gatherings as well as other types of events. The tea ceremony in China […]

Blooming Tea

Blooming teas originating from the Yunnan State consists of dried leaves and flowers. The leaves usually gets plucked during early spring before the buds gets opened. After that the leaves are sewn and fixed with flowers like Chrysanthemum, Lily, Jasmine, Hibiscus, Lavender, Pu–erh Teas. Then the leaves gets shaped into either cones, balls or mushrooms […]