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Nilgiri Teas-The Sweet Touch

Nilgiri tea, if we go by the name, we can understand that it is grown in the Nilgiri mountains which is also called as the Blue Mountains located in Tamil Nadu. Belonging to the southern side of the Western Ghats in South India, the Nilgiri mountains are a captivating zone with changing altitudes and moisture […]

Dooars Tea

Situated below the Darjeeling belt in north-east India, the Dooars region in the foothill is full of plantations. With worldwide popularity, the Dooars tea varieties have that unusual aroma and sweetness ,which is why they are mixed with Assam CTC through the curl, crush as well as tear methods after the tea leaves gets plucked […]

Hibiscus Tea

Namhah Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus , a kind of herbal tea made from the dried floral leaves of the Roselle flower which is known better as Hibiscus Sabdariffa. The floral leaves encloses and protects flower petals before the latter appears. Steeping the floral leaves in hot water creates the deep pink textured Hibiscus tea which is a bit tangy […]

Pu-erh Tea for Focus

Pu–erh, a kind of dark tea ,from the Yunnan province of China has a probiotic bacteria that deepens the flavor of the tea with time. Pu-erh tea has an earthy, dark and rich flavor. It can also be sweet and floral with a pricking sensation. Pu-erh are of two types: Shou Pu-erh(cooked: black/ripe) and Sheng Pu-erh( […]

Orange Pekoe Tea

Orange Pekoe

The term “Orange Pekoe” often misunderstood as the unflavoured black tea. But in the real sense, it does not refer to any unflavoured black tea. Orange Pekoe also cannot be termed to have any particular color or flavor. Orange Pekoe basically refers to the medium graded black tea with leaves of a peculiar size. When […]

Herbal Tulsi Green Tea

Herbal Tulsi Green Tea

Considered to be the healing agent for the human body since decades, the Tulsi leaves are a bit oval structured with pointed tip and toothed border. Slightly greenish in texture, they have all the medicinal proportions present that are required for healing the human body against severe ailments. Preparation of Herbal Tulsi Green Tea at […]

Matcha – The Japanese Super Food

Benefits of Matcha tea: Increases metabolism as well as burns fat:  Oxidizes fat & bounds the intestinal absorption of fat, as well as not raising blood pressure and heart rate Energy Charger:  Matcha Tea contains 1/2 the caffeine of coffee.The unique properties of Matcha result in a elevated energy that lasts for more than 5 […]