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Teas’ Which The World Prefers!!

Tea,  the most preferred drink in the world after water. With different variations of teas starting from green ,black, white teas till oolong, there are many different methods for brewing them, cultures around the world have come up with many amazingly delicious variants of this aromatic drink. The following teas are popular throughout the world […]

Matcha Powder and its true identifications

Matcha has reached great popularity worldwide. There are certain important thing which needs to be remembered while purchasing . Qualities mainly depends on types of garden where Matcha are grown. Below are those indications for tracing out the right Matcha: 1. Origin– This is foremost essential to judge a good quality matcha. So in this […]

Matcha – The Japanese Super Food

Benefits of Matcha tea: Increases metabolism as well as burns fat:  Oxidizes fat & bounds the intestinal absorption of fat, as well as not raising blood pressure and heart rate Energy Charger:  Matcha Tea contains 1/2 the caffeine of coffee.The unique properties of Matcha result in a elevated energy that lasts for more than 5 […]