Matcha – The Japanese Super Food

Matcha  a fine grounded powder of whole green tea leaves. After  the strongest emerald green Matcha tea leaves (as they are so called)  are plucked down at the first flush , they are steamed then to prevent them from oxidizing . This helps to naturally sweeten  the tea leaves without the use of any artificial flavors or sweeteners. Traditionally  known as Thes du Japon in Japan, the Matcha tea gets generally gets prepared by whisking a scoop of Matcha  powder into the hot water ,the Matcha has  been the ethnic  brew for the Japanese people.till date. With the creamy froth that forms above, Matcha tea tastes best when served with those tiny cupcakes.

Now lets come into the preparation of the Matcha Tea at home

Procedure for making the one cup of Matcha Tea

1. Strain 2 pinch of Matcha powder into a cup using a small strainer

2. Add one cup of boiling water

3. Whisk in the zig-zag form until the tea become creamy.

4. The tea becomes ready

5. Now booze it with a handful of cupcakes.

It seems like you are in the paradise enjoying those ethereal pleasures.

Benefits of Matcha tea:

Increases metabolism as well as burns fat: 

Oxidizes fat & bounds the intestinal absorption of fat, as well as not raising blood pressure and heart rate

Energy Charger: 

Matcha Tea contains 1/2 the caffeine of coffee.The unique properties of Matcha result in a elevated energy that lasts for more than 5 hours on an average.

Vitamin C Powerhouse: 

Matcha verified with the highest amount of antioxidants, is the most powerful antioxidant recognized to prevent the disastrous element known as  cancer & heart disease and is effective in reducing inflammation & slowing cartilage breakdown

Improves your mental health:

The Matcha leaves contains the L-theanine, the amino acid that instigates alpha frequency brain waves,resulting in mental clarity and composed alertness.


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