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Floral Iced Tea Recipes

Infusing flower petals into iced tea results in colorful hues, sweetness es filled with fragrances . To infuse tea with flavor, add chopped fresh fruits like melon, peaches or strawberries ,  herbs like basil, mint to the iced tea and store it in the refrigerator overnight. The next day strain all the solids well and […]

Matcha Tea increases focus surprisingly

Matcha tea has a positive effect on our energy levels and overall health if sipped daily. It has the advantage of providing less hiccups because matcha contains high amounts flavonoids, which increases brain’s alpha range, and calming state of mind occurs because of increased dopamine as well as serotonin ratio. As per modern research, L-theanine […]

Matcha – The Japanese Super Food

Benefits of Matcha tea: Increases metabolism as well as burns fat:  Oxidizes fat & bounds the intestinal absorption of fat, as well as not raising blood pressure and heart rate Energy Charger:  Matcha Tea contains 1/2 the caffeine of coffee.The unique properties of Matcha result in a elevated energy that lasts for more than 5 […]