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Drink these teas before sleeping and lose weight , a healthier way!!

Stress creates a lot of fats in our body if not checked timely. Stress comes in many different ways. Storing fats in the lower belly creates more stress and restricts the participant from getting a good night’s sleep.  So in modern science various formulas have been made for reducing stress and improving the quality of […]

Blooming Tea

Blooming teas originating from the Yunnan State consists of dried leaves and flowers. The leaves usually gets plucked during early spring before the buds gets opened. After that the leaves are sewn and fixed with flowers like Chrysanthemum, Lily, Jasmine, Hibiscus, Lavender, Pu–erh Teas. Then the leaves gets shaped into either cones, balls or mushrooms […]

Pu-erh Tea for Focus

Pu–erh, a kind of dark tea ,from the Yunnan province of China has a probiotic bacteria that deepens the flavor of the tea with time. Pu-erh tea has an earthy, dark and rich flavor. It can also be sweet and floral with a pricking sensation. Pu-erh are of two types: Shou Pu-erh(cooked: black/ripe) and Sheng Pu-erh( […]