How To Make a perfect Cup of Green Tea

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Are you making your Green Tea the Wrong Way?

90% of the People make the Green Tea the wrong way and never complain about the taste and color Why?

The Reason is that they dont complain is because people think that thats the correct taste of the green tea which is not correct. There are many ways to make green tea but most of the time the green tea you make does not end up getting brewed the correct way.I will today tell you how to brew the perfect cup of green tea the Namhah way.

Step 1:

We Boil 100ml of water(for 1 Cup) to 100°C in a water heater or on a stove.

Step 2:

Green Tea contains tender leaves and should NOT be put under the direct contact with super Boiling HOT Water so we just let the water cool for sometime so as the temperate drops to around 90° C.

Typically I keep the water to cool for 1 minute to get the correct and desired temperature for steeping.

Step 3:

We use 3 grams of Namhah Special Green Tea for one cup of Green Tea. We Pour the hot water on top of the 3 grams of Green tea leaves kept on a tea strainer and let it steep for 3 minutes.If you dont have a tea strainer you can put 3 grams of Green Tea in the cup and then pour water in it. I usually use the Namhah Tea Maker container make the tea.

Step 4:

After steeping the Tea for 3 minutes we Rinse the tea so that it separates the leaves from the Tea and we get the green tea.

Step 5:

Pour the tea in your favorite Cup and enjoy the best made Namhah green tea. Please Note the Perfect Color of the Green Tea is Never Yellow its Lemon Green. Enjoy your perfect Cup of Green Tea.

Process of Making the Tea can be seen in the video Below

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