Different types of Black Tea

Known as the strong flavored teas, Black Teas’ are known worldwide but it seems that its popularity has gained immensely in the West.

Lets take a look into the variants of black tea:

Oolong teaOolong tea depends on many factors such as – geographical factors, they get picked. get full flavor of Oolong tea, various steps needs to be followed which includes –

  1. Withering
  2. Cooling
  3. Light Rolling
  4. Oxidising
  5. Roasting
  6. Final Rolling
  7. Drying as well as
  8. Hand- Sorting.

CTC tea– Crushing, tearing and curling the tea leaves, pressure occur which leads to breakdown of the cells, thereby, releasing huge amounts of the phytins which are responsible for normal oxidisation ,thereby, producing the typical black tea

Orange Pekoe– Popular in North America ,basically, refers to a leaf size and indicates a whole unturned leaf.

Earl GreyEarl Grey leaves are usually flavored once gets dried. So the flavoring is done by herbs, spices or flowers, herbs. Another way tea is flavored is by spraying or coating extracts, essential oils or flavoring agents.

• Masala Tea- Originates in India, this tea is made with lots of spices and herbs.


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